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Bundled Care Program
Post-op Total Hip, Knee and Shoulder Arthoplasty

Cooper Physiotherapy Clinic has agreements with several local hospitals to provide post-op care under the Bundled Care Program ie. hospital funded physiotherapy. This includes patients that have had HIP, KNEE, or SHOULDER REPLACEMENT surgeries in the following hospitals:

Funding for this program is provided through direct payment by the hospital. There is no specific number of visits or length of the post op program but is based on the following:

The patient is to let the Care Coordinator at the hospital know should they choose to proceed with the Bundled Care program at the Cooper Physiotherapy Clinic, and the coordinator will send us the requisition.

Patients can not start physiotherapy in the hospital and then switch to the bundled care program in clinic halfway.

If there are any further questions about this program the patient is encouraged to speak to their treating Physiotherapist.